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by Kristian Skordal

Creating a Keil project for a Bluetooth Mesh example (Updated for 0.10.0)


The recently released nRF5 SDK for Bluetooth Mesh does not provide Keil project files for its example projects. Fortunately, it's relatively easy to set up your own project from scratch. This guide will show you how.

While the list of steps below might seem overwhelming, most of the settings used here, such as the linker settings and defines, can be copied from the Segger Embedded Studio project provided with the mesh SDK. The SES project can be used as a template for which files to include and which settings to use when creating Keil projects for other mesh...

by David Edwin

Get started on PC Software for Mesh and Mesh DFU

nRF-connect-Mesh PC tool allows the user to demonstrate the nRF OpenMesh and the Mesh Device Firmware Update (DFU). The Mesh DFU will be used for nRF OpenMesh and the Bluetooth Mesh when it is made available. The nRF OpenMesh used is v0.8.7. The tool will be updated to support the Bluetooth Mesh when it is available.

image description

DFU quick start guide in the nRF OpenMesh repo

Tools Required


Any one of the below x 2 or more, all of the same type is best during the evaluation

  • nRF51-DK
  • nRF51-Dongle
  • nRF52-DK
  • USB Wall Charger or USB battery pack (optional...
by David Edwin

nRF Connect Mesh Beta Release - Making BLE Mesh development easy!

Update (9-Mar-2017)

This blog post is now deprecated. Please see the updated PC software for nRF OpenMesh.


With the official Bluetooth Mesh nearing release, and Nordic's proprietary nRF Open Mesh, developers need solid tools to develop their mesh-enabled projects. Most of our customers rely on nRF Connect mobile and desktop tools (previously Master Control Panel) to develop their BLE applications. A similar tool is necessary for BLE mesh applications. This is what nRF Connect Mesh (an extension of nRF Connect) offers.


One of Bluetooth's biggest constraints is range. Meshing can increase the range in scenarios where...

by Michael Dietz

Video: Programming 96 nRF5 devices concurrently (AND nRF Connect MESH sneak peak)

In the video above, 96 nRF51 devices are completely erased, programmed with a 150kB .hex file, verified, and reset (application reaches main() when the blue LED lights up) in under 25 seconds. (it takes around 6 seconds to do this for one device using nrfjprog, so this is around 20 times faster than writing a script to do this one at a time).

nRF5_multi_prog program --family NRF51 -e -f s110-bootloader-devicepage-meshapp-merged.hex -v -r

Windows: nRF5-multi-prog.exe since I already have this built. Note that you can just double click (OS X/Linux) or make-exec...

by David Edwin

Accessing the BLE mesh via the ( cloud


I was spending the last few days to implement an interface to access the BLE mesh via the Internet. The mesh consists of devices with LEDs, which then could be turned on and off in my browser. The entry point for my local devices is a Particle Core, which is accessible from the cloud service via a web browser. That's a nice feature to control all kinds of devices easily from a website.


components and connections in the setup

The used software depends on if you want to use the softdevice S110 version 7 or 8.

Setup with S110 v7