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by Yaniv Nis

How to build a monitoring and analytics system for your IoT embedded devices almost for free

Embedded devices are no longer ship and forget products. Once deployed, a connected embedded device is updated and provide with services and not just functionality. This paradigm shift requires adopting DevOps practices and requires monitoring devices' operation to mitigate production issues. Once you monitor your entire distributed embedded system, you can run analytics for product improvements and predictive maintenance.

The link below outlines a cookbook for building monitoring and analytics system for connected embedded devices. We've included a working sample for nRF52 based devices that use BLE GATT and a GW. We used services that are open source, and...

by Yaniv Nis

Reproducible build environment for nRF52 using Rebuild (

As you probably know having a build environment, you can replicate and deploy with ease has the potential to save a lot of R&D time. If you can also control its versioning so you would be able to "get back in time" for a build server that generated a specific source code version, it's something of great value for a project that has many deployed versions in the field.

I recently came across Rebuild ( Rebuild is perfect for establishing build infrastructure for source code and was made for developers that want to release themselves from the...


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