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by Yaniv Nis

Join Jumper's free beta for a Virtual nRF52832 device to streamline your R&D process

Hi All,

We at Jumper are building Virtual devices to streamline automated testing, continuous integration, and delivery for embedded software development (you are also welcome to read our blog that talks about these topics). We have a live alpha that supports running unit and integration tests on a virtual nRF52832 MCU. We have few open spots for embedded developers that would like to use our platform - we offer it for free for a limited period, and all we require is getting your feedback from time to time to make our product better.

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by Yaniv Nis

How to Debug the nRF52 Interrupts — Useful Tips

Debugging interrupts in not an easy task. During the development of Jumper's Emulator, we gather few useful tips that we think can help you all when debugging the nRF52 interrupts. Hope it will help you all.



As we are working on making our emulator better and better, we'd love to get your feedback. If you like what we are doing and want to share with us your thoughts, use this Google Form.