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by Michael Dietz

Video: Programming 96 nRF5 devices concurrently (AND nRF Connect MESH sneak peak)

In the video above, 96 nRF51 devices are completely erased, programmed with a 150kB .hex file, verified, and reset (application reaches main() when the blue LED lights up) in under 25 seconds. (it takes around 6 seconds to do this for one device using nrfjprog, so this is around 20 times faster than writing a script to do this one at a time).

nRF5_multi_prog program --family NRF51 -e -f s110-bootloader-devicepage-meshapp-merged.hex -v -r

Windows: nRF5-multi-prog.exe since I already have this built. Note that you can just double click (OS X/Linux) or make-exec...

by Øyvind Karlsen

Keil + nrfjprog = true

In this blogpost we will demonstrate the usage of Keils integrated command line functionality. We will start nrfjprog through Keil bindings in order to erase our chip and program SoftDevices.

nrfjprog is a command line tool that Nordic provides, which allows for easy flashing and erasing of firmware onto our chips. This command line tool is automatically installed as part of installing the MDK for each version of the SoftDevice.

Installing the command line tools

Start off by downloading and installing the command line tools executable. I will base this blogpost on SDK 11, if you are using a different...

by Michael Dietz

nrfjprog, pynrfjprog - Intro, Mac OS X & Linux now supported, New Feature


Do you want a more efficient way to program your devices than nRFgo Studio? Are you an OS X or Linux user who has struggled setting up a toolchain for nRF5x devices? Maybe you are using JLink.exe or an open source tool to program your devices or maybe you even wrote your own? If this is you READ THIS POST!

If you...

by gamnes

nRF5x-Tools and nRF5x-Pynrfjprog Includes Linux and Python 3 Support

Over the last few weeks the Nordic team has been working on getting support for programming our devices in Linux as well as adding support for using our Python programming module ‘Pynrfjprog’ with Python 3.

We are pleased to report that this support has been added and published! We now support both Linux and Python 3!

image description image description

The tools offering now consists of the following components which can be downloaded from our webpages:

  • nRF5x-Tools-Win32 - nRF5x toolset installer for Windows (JLinkARM, JLink CDC, nRFjprog, and mergehex)
  • nRF5x-Tools-Linux - nRF5x toolset tar for Linux (nRFjprog)
  • nRF5x-Pynrfjprog - Python binding for nrfjprog.dll. Only usable in...