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by dansheme

How We Found a Bug In Nordic’s SDK Using Jumper’s Emulator


We were trying to run the PPI example from the nRF5 SDK on our emulator. We quickly revealed a bug in the configuration of one of the timers by having a look at the HW log: image description

Check out our Medium blog for the full story.

Note: I could not find any way to submit a bug report to Nordic but I'm sure it will be fixed soon

by Reidar Martin Svendsen

Introducing Nordic’s new software licensing schemes

We are very excited to inform you that we have introduced our new software licenses with the release of SDK v13.0. The new licenses are based on the well-known BSD license class and give more flexibility and freedom to customers while still protecting Nordic Semiconductor’s intellectual property and brand.

Software licenses are usually not the most riveting of reads and most people tend to click the ‘I Agree’ button without reading what they have agreed to. The licenses we have now introduced are very easy to read and understand, so take a few minutes to read through them...

by Ketil

nRF5 SDK for Eddystone™ introduced

image description

Recently, Google introduced some news about Eddystone. At the same time, we released a first implementation of the new specification on GitHub to get developers started. I would like to share some insights on what this is all about.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Eddystone you can find detailed information on these websites:

What’s new in Eddystone?

A new Eddystone GATT Configuration Service enables simple configuration of beacons. The user can configure the beacon to broadcast all Eddystone frame types:

  • URL
  • UID
  • EID
  • TLM
  • eTLM


by Audun

An introduction to error handling in nRF5 projects

As you start developing with the nRF5 series chips, SoftDevices, and SDKs, it's very useful to learn how errors can be discovered (and preferrably recovered from). This can be detecting something as simple as using invalid parameters to a function, or discovering when an unexpected chain of events breaks your application.

Robust application design is a broad topic, beyond the scope of this blog post. This post is meant as an introduction to nRF-specific error handling, which is useful to understand when developing using Nordic SoftDevices and SDKs.

This blog post is split into two main parts:

  1. Error detection...
by Eirik Midttun

Getting started with nRF51 development on Mac OS X

Update: Since this blog was originally written the nrfjprog tool has been ported to OS X (now macOS). This means that the flash programming is much simpler, and it is simply a matter of following the documentation for the tool. Also, nRF Toolbox for iOS is deprecated; use the nRF Connect iOS app instead

I recently decided to try the nRF51 SDK on Mac OS X to see how it was to compile and program the example applications. It worked nicely, and it wasn't even that hard to figure out. But evidently there were things to find out, and...