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by jfcamel

Debugging on nrf52840 with GDB from CLI on linux

Today I tried to find the better ways to debug program on nRF52840 PDK from CLI on linux.

The ways that I tried

  1. [Failed] openocd (both stlink and jlink) & gdb
  2. [Succeeded] JLink & JLinkGDBServer & gdb

OpenOCD (failed)

I could connect to nrf52840 with openocd (jlink).

openocd -f interface/jlink.cfg  -c 'adapter_khz 1000; transport select swd' -f target/nrf51.cfg

gdb> target remote localhost:3333
gdb> load ${binary}

But there was a issue when I debug a program with GDB.

nrf52.cpu -- clearing lockup after double fault

I cound not resolve this.


by Hung Bui

Segger Embedded Studio - A Cross Platform IDE

Download and Setup

Note: It is recommended, but not necessary, to use the most recent releases of the above software.

Importing a Keil uVision project

Note: From nRF5 SDK v14.1, Segger Embedded studio projects are officially supported. If using v14.1 or newer, please use the native SES-projects instead of the "import" function.

  • Open SEGGER Embedded Studio 3.10e
  • Select Tools -> Package Manager... and install the CMSIS-CORE Support Package

image description

  • Select File -> Import IAR...
by Michael Dietz

Segger Embedded Studio blog post rev2 DEPRECATED


see new blog post for new version of embedded studio here:


This post is an introductory tutorial to SEGGER Embedded Studio. If you haven't already please skim through this post but don't follow along with it. This is the new and improved tutorial using the nRF device pack and assumes no prior knowledge on Embedded Studio.

After following this tutorial you will be able to build, debug and run a BLE project on nRF5x devices! You will also be able to load...

by Michael Dietz

nrfjprog, pynrfjprog - Intro, Mac OS X & Linux now supported, New Feature


Do you want a more efficient way to program your devices than nRFgo Studio? Are you an OS X or Linux user who has struggled setting up a toolchain for nRF5x devices? Maybe you are using JLink.exe or an open source tool to program your devices or maybe you even wrote your own? If this is you READ THIS POST!

If you...

by Michael Dietz

SEGGER Embedded Studio Part 2 - Monitor Mode Debugging

This tutorial will take less than 15 minutes.


Never lose a BLE connection when debugging your applications again! This technique will also be useful for any application using the PWM peripheral and many others as well!

Monitor mode debugging can only be done on nRF52 series devices. It will not work with nRF51 series devices as Cortex-M0 doesn't support this feature.


In the last blog post we introduced you to SEGGER Embedded Studio (SES). Please at least skim through that post if you haven't already.

In this post we...

by Bjørn Inge

Alpha 0.9.0 release of new Bluetooth Smart tool from Nordic

We are now one step closer to the production release (v1.0) of our new Bluetooth Smart desktop application. The development team has been hard at work adding new features and improving the existing functionality of the application.

image description
Figure 1: Service discovery

It is important to note that the focus of this alpha release has been on adding new features and on internal architectural changes. It is still in the alpha stage, that means the application is in a finalized draft stage (but still not a full feature product) with rough edges and unaddressed corner cases. Features are also subject...

by gamnes

nRF5x-Tools and nRF5x-Pynrfjprog Includes Linux and Python 3 Support

Over the last few weeks the Nordic team has been working on getting support for programming our devices in Linux as well as adding support for using our Python programming module ‘Pynrfjprog’ with Python 3.

We are pleased to report that this support has been added and published! We now support both Linux and Python 3!

image description image description

The tools offering now consists of the following components which can be downloaded from our webpages:

  • nRF5x-Tools-Win32 - nRF5x toolset installer for Windows (JLinkARM, JLink CDC, nRFjprog, and mergehex)
  • nRF5x-Tools-Linux - nRF5x toolset tar for Linux (nRFjprog)
  • nRF5x-Pynrfjprog - Python binding for nrfjprog.dll. Only usable in...
by Bjørn Inge

New Bluetooth Smart tool from Nordic

Over the last few months we have been working on a new desktop application for Bluetooth® Smart devices which will give you easy access to the most common Bluetooth features and allows you to control locally connected, compatible Nordic devices. We have tried to simplify the inherent complexity of the technology by presenting it in an intuitive way to help you get up and running quickly.

image description
Figure 1: Connection map

The features and use cases for this new tool are similar to the Master Control Panel desktop application, but with additional features and support. This tool is compatible with several...

by Stian

BLE Sniffer in Linux using Wireshark

Here is a small guide on how to build Wireshark with a BLE plugin under linux, with a small example on using this plugin with the Nordic Sniffer API.


  • nRF Dongle (PCA10031/PCA10000) or similar
  • Working installation of SEGGER J-Link drivers (To flash the chip with the firmware)
  • Python 2.7

Tested using

  • Ubuntu 14.04.3
  • Wireshark version 1.12.0

Sniffer API

Download the Sniffer API and firmware here: nRF Sniffer

Inside the zip-file you will find another zip-file called Unzip the content of this file to your workspace. These are the files you need...

by Glenn Ruben Bakke

6LoWPAN for Bluetooth low energy on OpenWRT

image description

OpenWRT is one of the most popular open source Linux-based router firmware alternatives for commodity routers. From kernel 3.17, Linux has supported 6LoWPAN for Bluetooth low energy (BLE) through the new kernel module bluetooth_6lowpan. The trunk version of OpenWRT has added kernel 3.18 support for most of its target platforms already, which indirectly adds the bluetooth_6lowpan kernel module that is required to enable IPv6 over BLE. This makes OpenWRT a perfect choice to explore IPv6 over Bluetooth low energy in a router environment.

In this blog, I’m going to explain how to compile a custom version of...