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by gamnes

Nordic Thingy:52 Raspberry Pi Python Interface

Thingy:52 Python Raspberry Pi Interface

This blog is a follow up to both the Nordic Thingy:52 node.js/Raspberry Pi demos and the blog posts. It will go through how you can set up and develop Python Thingy:52 applications on the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Setup

Please follow the setup as explained in Node.js walkthrough to make sure the Raspberry Pi is setup as assumed for this blog post. We will be running the Raspbian operating system.

Running the Example

GitHub Clone

UPDATE: The Thingy:52 Raspberry Pi python...

by gamnes

Walkthrough of Nordic Thingy:52 Node.js Raspberry Pi demos

Thingy:52 Node.js Raspberry Pi Interface

This blog post is a follow up to the Nordic Thingy:52 node.js/Raspberry Pi demos blog post, and will described how you can run and what to expect from each of the Node.js examples that have been provided in the GitHub repository. It will also described an additional example of how you can use the Node.js library to post a tweet based on sensor data.

If you are looking for a Python interface instead of Node.js, please have a look at the following blog post for some more...

by eivinds

Nordic Thingy:52 node.js/Raspberry Pi demos

Our brilliant apps engineers continue to play around with our newly-launched Nordic Thingy:52. This time, Joakim has prepared a few Javascript demos using node.js and a Raspberry Pi.

The Thingy connects to the Raspberry Pi with Bluetooth and uses it as an internet gateway. The Raspberry Pi runs the node.js scripts. The provided examples, which you can download below the video, include:

  • An example where all environmental sensor data is pushed to an online Firebase database.
  • An IFTTT example, where data form the Thingy triggers actions online.
  • An internet radio streaming example, where internet radio is streamed...
by Håkon Alseth

Building kernel for RPi2 with bluetooth_6lowpan for Raspbian

Building kernel for RPi2 with bluetooth_6lowpan

In this guide, you will have two choices:

  • Cross-compilation build

  • Native build

Choose the one that fits your needs. Cross-compilation is the fastest choice.


In addition to the already installed tools in Raspbian, you'll need

  • Git
  • kernel-package

These can be installed using apt:

sudo apt-get install git kernel-package -y

“kernel-package” is needed for generating the .deb package, and git is used to fetch the repository from Raspberry Pi’s github account. We'll fetch the default branch, which holds 3.18.11 at the time of writing this blog post.

Obtaining the...