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by Reidar Martin Svendsen

Introducing Nordic’s new software licensing schemes

We are very excited to inform you that we have introduced our new software licenses with the release of SDK v13.0. The new licenses are based on the well-known BSD license class and give more flexibility and freedom to customers while still protecting Nordic Semiconductor’s intellectual property and brand.

Software licenses are usually not the most riveting of reads and most people tend to click the ‘I Agree’ button without reading what they have agreed to. The licenses we have now introduced are very easy to read and understand, so take a few minutes to read through them...

by Einar Thorsrud

PA / LNA support in S132

The S132 SoftDevice for the nRF52 has support for enable/disable switching of external Power Amplifiers (PA) and Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA) using GPIO pins. This was introduced in S132 version 2.0.0-7.alpha.

In the nRF51 there was an option to use the VDD_PA pin to detect when the radio was in TX mode, but this is not an option on the nRF52, making the SoftDevice solution necessary.

The following function can be used to enable PA/LNA signal. Adapt it as required in order to change the number of pins (1 or 2), pin numbers, polarity etc...

by Stefan Birnir Sverrisson

Using the ADC with the S110 SoftDevice

A good place to start with getting to know how to use the ADC with the S110 SoftDevice is by using one of the BLE ADC code examples provided on Nordic's Github page, where BLE examples have the "ble_" prefix.

Sampling frequency limitations

During a BLE transmission event the CPU will be blocked. This will limit the sampling frequency of the ADC. The ADC will be able to process up to 50 k samples per second but the SoftDevice will block the CPU during a radio event and limit the ADC sampling frequency. This is because the ADC has...

by Håkon Alseth

Using nRF51 SDK with the nRF51822 MBED Kit


This blog post will not take installation of above dependencies into consideration.

Configuring a project for CMSIS-DAP debugger:

  1. Open a project in Keil, and go to Options for Target, and select CMSIS-DAP Debugger under the debug tab: image description

  2. Check that the "Use Debug Driver" is checked under Utilities tab: image description

  3. Now go into the debugger settings and verify that the nRF51xxx programming algorithm is chosen: image description

  4. Go to tab "debug" and see that the debugger and device...