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by Bence

nRF Connect v2.0 release

We are happy to announce that nRF Connect for desktop v2.0 has now been released, and is available for download on the nRF Connect product page.

Framework for desktop apps

As you may know, nRF Connect v1 was a Bluetooth low energy tool for development and experimentation. At Nordic Semiconductor we have lots of ideas for similar applications, so we decided to pull out the reusable parts of v1 into a framework for desktop apps. Key features of this framework:

  • Allows users to easily install, update, and launch apps
  • Allows developers to create new apps
  • Supports Windows, macOS, and...
by David Edwin

nRF Connect Mesh Beta Release - Making BLE Mesh development easy!

Update (9-Mar-2017)

This blog post is now deprecated. Please see the updated PC software for nRF OpenMesh.


With the official Bluetooth Mesh nearing release, and Nordic's proprietary nRF Open Mesh, developers need solid tools to develop their mesh-enabled projects. Most of our customers rely on nRF Connect mobile and desktop tools (previously Master Control Panel) to develop their BLE applications. A similar tool is necessary for BLE mesh applications. This is what nRF Connect Mesh (an extension of nRF Connect) offers.


One of Bluetooth's biggest constraints is range. Meshing can increase the range in scenarios where...

by Bjørn Inge

nRF Connect v1.0 release

We are happy to announce that nRF Connect has reached v1.0 production release and has been made available on the nRF Connect for desktop product page on the Nordic Semiconductor web site.

About nRF Connect

  • a Bluetooth low energy tool for development and exploration
  • allows you to quickly set up connections with other Bluetooth low energy devices and perform operations on them
  • cross platform support: runs on Windows, Ubuntu Linux and OSX

Release change log

We have listened to feedback from our users and have added some improvements and new features. Here is a list of the most important...