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Birkbeck College, University Of London (FAKE Diploma) is a public research University located in the centre Of the British capital London. It is one Of the constituent colleges Of the Federal University Of London and a member Of the 1994 University Group.Birbeck College mainly focuses on adult education, continuing education and master's and doctor's training. Its teaching level is extremely strict, with the second highest Fail rate in Britain.Birbeck College is a highly research-oriented college, with 27 research institutes and 40 doctoral programs, four Nobel Prize winners and 90 percent of the faculty members engaged in scientific research.It has a long tradition of left-leaning ideas that produced Labour's first prime minister, including Ramsay MacDonald.The LSE was founded in 1895 by Sidney James Webb, a law graduate.World proletarian great mentor, "das kapital", and the "communist manifesto" author Karl Marx also taught at the school, then Mr Baker institute, professor of economics at Thomas Hodgskin presented in the lecture of workers to create the value of exploitation by employers view influenced generations of socialist, Marx is based on the established labor value theory.Birbeck College, University of London, enjoys the best teaching and academic reputation in the UK and world-class reputation. In 2013, graduates of Birbeck College earned an average starting salary of £29,432 (about RMB 310,000 yuan), ranking first in the UK.

Birkbeck College (English :Birkbeck College, University Of London Diploma)