About Nordic Developer Zone

Nordic Developer Zone aims to be a community for all users of Nordic Semiconductor's chips and devices. There are three main parts to this site, each described in more detail below.

  • Questions and answers
  • Blogs
  • Private messages

Our terms and conditions are available here.


Since everything on this site except private messages is publicly available, we urge you to not share any of proprietary or confidential information here, neither about your products or others. If you need help with something, but cannot disclose the needed details in public, please create a support case through your MyPage account. We do however believe that most of the questions that currently come through the support portal could be answered in the open, for everyone's benefit.


On this site, everyone can post blog posts, ask questions and reply. All Nordic employees are marked as such and will try to provide answers as best we can, but we hope that all of you will help answering questions you know the answer to, and write useful content for others to enjoy.


Questions and answers

Nordic Developer Zone intends to be a place where all users of Nordic chips and devices can ask any related question, be it about software or hardware. All our application engineers are active in this forum, so you will get the same good answers you're used to in the regular support system. The great difference from the regular system is that everything on the Developer Zone is public, meaning it's available through an open web-search.

The aim is for this is therefore to make it easier to find answers to common questions and problems, so that you can get on with your development quicker.


Every registered user on this site has the ability to write blog posts about anything that they feel is useful to other users of the Nordic Developer Zone. Some examples of such content is given below:

  • Project expose
  • Hardware set-ups
  • Testing and troubleshooting procedures
  • Product stories
  • Engineering services such as development, production, test and qualification
  • Software development tips and tricks
  • Technology discussion pieces
  • Viewpoints

This list is just meant as a starter and by no means exhaustive. The aim is that users can share any information that is useful to other developers! All content shared must of course be legal, and according to our terms.

There is no set length of limit in the scope of a post, but it is recommended to keep it readable and limited to one topic per blog post. Users can create as many posts as they wish, and they will be collected on a user-specific page. All users can view and interact with all blog posts. Rich text formatting is provided for readability and you can add both images and code snippets to your posts.

Private messages

Every user has the ability to send private messages to other users. This is useful if you need to share certain details about a question that can not be shared in public, or if you have a question that another user would be particularly suited to answer.

Please note that such messages is not meant to be a general support channel, and private messages with questions that are generic may very well be ignored, even by Nordic employees. If you have general questions, please post them either in public on this site or in private in the support portal.