Baby steps with Bluetooth Smart

Are you looking to make your first steps with Bluetooth Smart?
Are you looking for hands-on help to get started with Bluetooth Smart ?
Playing could be the best form of learning and its time to play.

The Bluetooth SIG has created the Bluetooth Smart starter kit that allows you to quickly get started on BTLE (Bluetooth low energy).

The kit includes the source code (for the Arduino and the phone i.e. iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows 8.1) and also has the list of hardware to purchase to start using the kit.The required hardware includes a Redbearlab BTLE shield and an Arduino or compatible board.

This is a great way to get started on BTLE, and gets you ready to play. You can play only after you know the rules and the starter kit helps to understand the rules of BTLE so you can quickly start playing.

So start playing and learning, you can even contribute your finished project to our github repo.

So dive in and start playing.