BLE nrf51 - Multilink NUS central - Connect to many peripherals through NUS service - with Arduino host

Hi all,

I implemented a simple multilink NUS central based on s130 for nrf51 chip-set. It means that this NUS central can connect to several peripherals simultaneously and send data to each one of them by selecting connection index. It is designed as a modem through UART interface so a few "AT+"-like commands have been implemented for managing multiple connections and related data through them. A README file contains all necessary basic documentation of commands and instructions about installation and flashing.

In addition I developed a host side for Arduino so you can easily control an eventual nrf51 module from an Arduino board. It receives user commands and translates them into my NUS central modem commands, waits for a response, checks it and performs any other needed operations for simplify devices scan and connections management. See the README file for any help.

Both software releases are published on GitHub under MIT license so feel free to use, share, improve them as you like. Any feedback is much appreciated! Link here: