Bluetooth 5 Advertisements (Extended and Periodic Advertisements)

We’ve all seen the hype on 2x Speed, 4x Range, and 8x Advertising data increase capabilities in Bluetooth 5.

But what does this all mean?? How does it achieve all these improvements? Is it really possible to achieve all these simultaneously?? What about power consumption?

In this blog post (first in a series of posts on Bluetooth 5), I go through each of the new Bluetooth 5 features. Other topics covered include:

  • Overview of Bluetooth 5 and its major improvements
  • How Bluetooth 5 achieves higher speed and longer range
  • General overview of Bluetooth advertising
  • Types of Bluetooth 5 advertising channels
  • In-depth look into Extended Advertisements and Periodic Advertisements
  • Complete source code for sending extended advertisements using the nRF52840 Preview Development Kit
  • Video showing the capture of these advertisements by the Ellisys Bluetooth Tracker (a commercial Bluetooth sniffer that fully supports Bluetooth 5)
  • How and when to utilize Extended Advertisements

Bluetooth 5 Advertisements: Everything you need to know

Hope this is useful for others.