Thingy:52 based Weather Station

Weather station created from two Nordics eval-boards (Thingy:52 and nRF52840-Preview-DK). Source code and hardware files are available. image description

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  • I used S140 softdevice with version and I didn't tested it with newer versions. Right now I wanted to check if it works with newer version (after just replacing header files from softdevices and recompiling it) but It requires more changes in source code, so right now it's not working with S140 softdevice. So please use the version.

    Thanks for getting interested in my project. I will put that information about the version on my website.

  • The code supplied works perfectly, but I cant get it uploaded on my nRF52840-PDK nRFgo Studio gives me the error : "This hex file has data in SoftDevice region".

    I tried all 4 S140 softdevices available: I get this error with softdevice version


    I dont get this error with version below will test the application with the softdevice.

  • The link you have given is very helpful for getting the source code and hardware files. I have a device it works perfectly, gives me the accurate data related to the weather forecast. I have been using it a long time, but don't know the inner specification, how to create it, what types of electronic device is used, what is the source code, hardware files etc. From your stuff and your provided link gives me a lot of information. Thanks, for sharing this.