WIZnet's BLE to TCP Gateway


WIZnet would like to introduce a BLE to TCP solution which enables bluetooth devices to access cloud services such as Google, IBM, and Amazon without a smartphone. WIZnet created a low power IoT Gateway using W5500, WizFi310, and nRF52832. image description

With this gateway, the various data of BLE node can be received as BLE and converted into a desired internet protocol such as TCP, UDP, and MQTT; and then, transmit data to various cloud servers. Data transmitted from the node can be checked by a smartphone or PC. Conversely, if one inputs data on a smartphone or PC, it can be transmitted to node via cloud server.

image description

We implemented to transmit BLE data to Thingspeak which is Cloud Server. The node confirms the heart rate data on Thingspeak DashBoard using heart rate service, a BLE standard profile.

Example step

  1. H/W Setting
     -> Connect the micro USB to PC and connect the Ethernet cable to the router as shown below.
         Also connect the J_LINK or nRF5DK debug out for writing.
    image description

  2. Sign up for Thingspeak and create a channel
     -> Sign up for Thingspeak and create a channel by connecting to https://thingspeak.com/
     -> Channels -> My Channels -> New Channel -> Fill the Name -> Save Channel image description image description

  3. API Key application
     -> Copy Write API Key from API Keys image description

     -> Open project from ...\BLE_to_TCP_HRS_Thingspeak\examples\ble_central\ble_app_hrs_c\pca10040\s132\arm5_no_packs and write the copied Key value to #define WRITE_API_KEY of main.c) image description

  4. Build & Writing

  5. Confirm Thingspeak dashboard image description

In order to download the F/W, please refer to the following link. https://github.com/hooni1020/BLE_to_TCP_HRS_Thingspeak/

More information can be found at the link below. http://wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php?id=oshw_using_wiznet:bletoethernet