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How do I login?

  1. If you had MyPage and DevZone accounts registered to the same email address, they have been automatically merged.
    1. Log in with that email address and your old DevZone password.
    2. If you can’t remember the email address, you can search for it here.
    3. Use your old DevZone password.
    4. You will find your support tickets and public DevZone posts by clicking your avatar and selecting “View my tickets”.

  2. If you had different emails registered to MyPage and DevZone:
    1. Log in with the corresponding email address and password. Both accounts will work.
    2. We recommend that you merge your MyPage and DevZone accounts.
      Log in and find the merge request form top-right on the front page.

  3. If you forgot your old password, you can reset your password here