Infocenter and Devzone unreliable

I have been getting used to the picture below when attempting to access the Infocenter and Devzone throughout the last year. Have you received other reports about these services being terribly unstable, or is it only me? The unreliability of the Infocenter is the most concerning issue, I suppose.

The connection has timed out warning in Firefox

  • Hey guys,

    sorry to hear you're having troubles.
    The DevZone has had a narrow birth this winter and we're still fighting some infrastructure issues that involve timeouts and failed http requests.
    Will stick to it until we have solved that, of course.

    The infocenter had some issues during April and May.
    A cause was found and amended, so hopefully we're past that for now.

    Please report back if you are still experiencing downtime in the infocenter!

    Thanks + cheers;

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