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by RK

A week with CrossWorks

Do you not use Windows but OS X or Linux? Do you use Windows but find the old tools expensive and terrible to deal with? Are you a hobbyist who doesn't have $2000 and an annual fee to spend on a toolset you don't like?

I am some of those things. I'm an OS X user, I don't love using parallels unless I can't help it, I find Keil to be a pretty poor product (sorry Keil but I do) and way beyond what I'm prepared to spend to fund a hobby.

I came...

by nicoleanderson

How iBeacons Improve Business

Apple’s newest technology known as iBeacon has taken the retail world by storm, and should definitely be considered as a mobile marketing tactic for all companies. iBeacon is an indoor positioning system retailers use to notify nearby IOS device users of their presence. iBeacon also sends push notifications or text messages to customers letting them know about special promotions companies are offering. Customers can even search for specific items using iBeacon to find the best deals at the closest locations. The best part about the iBeacon technology is that it is low cost, making mobile marketing easy to afford...

by Ole Morten

New Developer Zone

Over the last few months, work has been done to create a new Developer Zone on a more robust and future-proof foundation. Today, we're finally launching the result of this effort.

We've been tremendously happy with the way the community have built on this site over the past year or so a lot stays the same:

  • You can use your old username and password (although hash algorithm is improved).
  • All features from the old site should still be here.
  • All questions, answers, comments and private messages are converted and still available (old links will redirect, or if that...
by Anders Strand

Programming and debugging custom nRF5x devices

Programming and debugging the nRF5x on our Developments kits is straight forward. Doing the same when you are using other boards might not be so easy. In this blog post we will explain which components are needed in order to program and debug a nRF5x chip.

The nRF chip is connected to a Debug unit through an interface called "Serial Wire Debug", or "SWD" for short. The debug unit acts as a bridge between the chip and your PC. It communicates with the programming and debugging software on your PC through a “Debug interface”. Your PC must have a driver...

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