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by Ilya Surinsky

[For Hire] Expert development services of custom Hardware devices | IoT solutions | Mobile Apps


I am Ilya from Space-O, Russia.

We are helping Enterprises generate more funds by automation of their routine daily processes with IoT/smart solution and Mobile apps. Also helping mature Startups with the delivery of their Products. Contact me if you want to develop the custom Hardware electronic device, complex IoT solution or Enterprise-level Mobile app.

# Tags of core specialization areas: Custom PCB design, Enclosure, Firmware, BLE/iBeacon, Native iOS & Android Mobile apps, Apple Watch, Wearables, Sport and Health Trackers, Smart Devices, Manufacturing, Automation.

Portfolio examples based on Nordic Semiconductors:

by Marco Russi

Contract/freelance firmware engineer - Nordic nrf5x devices

Good morning, my name is Marco Russi and I live in London, UK.

I am a contract/freelance embedded software engineer with 10 years of experience. I have been involved in projects mainly for smart sensors, actuators control and battery powered devices. I have already worked with a few companies in UK designing and developing firmware and software or following an entire embedded system development, including hardware, from requirements to first prototype and then to production.

My main experience is on Bluetooth Low Energy applications based on Nordic nrf51 devices but I also have a good knowledge of WiFi, Ethernet...

by Algocraft

The nRF52 Series supported by Algocraft WriteNow! Programmers

Algocraft expands the device list by adding the nRF52832 Microcontroller produced by Nordic Semiconductor.

WriteNow! uses the Serial Wire Debug protocol (SWD), which is the most common protocol for device’s programming. The default communication frequency is 8MHz, but it could be set up to 10MHz.

Algocraft provides support of nRF52 to all of its WriteNow! Series, single and multiple In-System Programmers. We offer four models: WN-PRG01A (programs 1 device at a time), WN-PRG02A (programs 2 devices in parallel), WN-PRG04A (programs 4 devices in parallel), and WN-PRG08A (programs 8 devices in parallel). In addition, external demultiplexer modules are available as...

by Jason

Auto-DFU Lite for MacBook

The Auto-DFU Lite for OSX is Available on the App Store.

image description

Remark: Support the Legacy DFU service Only.

by OPQ

This is the best sol for the coming Bluetooth 5.0 and Mesh network.

nRF52832 + LNA + PA Range Extension EV-Board

Ø Improved Receiver sensitivity with 12dB gain LNA Ø Increased Transmitter output power up to +20dBm Ø Extended Receiver dynamic range Ø Enhanced Antenna coverage through Antenna diversity(Dual Antenna support)

This is also best sol for the coming Bluetooth 5.0 and Mesh network.


by Jason

Are you looking for a DFU tool on the MacBook ?

A simple DFU tool run on the OS/X (MacBook)


  1. Easy to use without bluetooth dongle or cell phone.
  2. Auto upload a selected firmware, when a device be detected which in the DFU mode.
  3. Multiple devices can be uploaded in the same time.


by Tim Clark

nRF52 powered 10-Axis Motion platform on Kickstarter

I wanted to share a link to a Kickstarter campaign that we are currently running:

In the development of our running sensor (RunScribe) we have received a lot of requests for other applications, so we thought that we would open it up for other (non-running) applications. My hope being that between the top shelf components and an integrated rechargeable all in a small, durable package would be enabling for a lot of other developers.

Thanks for looking! Tim

by Sergey Lyubka

Mongoose embedded networking library on nRF51 and nRF52

Hi! We are the developers of Mongoose, the most popular embedded networking library.

Recently, we have ported it to nRF51 / nRF52 - see step-by-step demo at:

Now, the rich set of networking API - like HTTP/WebSocket/MQTT/mDNS/CoAP, is available on Nordic chips. Official SDK lacks support for some widely used protocols like HTTP and WebSocket, and Mongoose provides it!

What Mongoose can do? Turn a device into a RESTful server - make it controllable via a browser! Or, call an external RESTful server. Or, create a Web UI for a device. Push data in...

by caram5555

Preparing nRF5x mass production.

Hi everyone. I'm pleased to introduce MOBILIAN nRF5x mass production solution.

image description

When you finished development with nRF5x and decided production, how do you program your target device? There are several solutions that you can imagine.

  1. Manually contact SWD pin to target and program with nRFgostudio or something. --> The hardest choice
  2. Some will make a JIG and repeat above process. --> Each target should be programmed, so time consuming process
  3. If he/she is rich enough, so pre-program with Hi-Lo or Elnec. --> Breakdown reel and repackaging required, If something found bug, firmware update?

So I introduce you fast & cost effective HW...

by Ben

An offline Programmer/burner/writer for nrf51422/nRF51822/nRF52832

Hello everyone,

We have designed one offline programmer for nRF5x chip,it can program the flash of nRF5x easily.

The picture of programmer is as follows:

image description

also you can view the picture from:

The guide document can be downloaded from

also you can download it from:

If you have any question about the programmer ,please contact us by email ,or

Best Regards!


by jeremysf

QFN-48 socket "programmer" for flashing nRF51

Here's a link to the EagleCAD files for a QFN48 socket to J-Link/JTAG 20-pin connector to program bootloaders, etc for Nordic nRF51:

image description

image description

image description

I included a USB connector as an alternative to using the 5V power from the J-Link, but haven't had to use that yet; the power from the J-Link device works great!

I also included a 16MHz crystal in the design so that I could boot up the nRF51 and do some basic validation. Probably could get away without populating those or related components.

The socket is available on

by Joel

nRF51822 mbug ecosystem

The NRF51822 Bluetooth Low Energy mbug board from y5 Design is an easy to use ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller with BLE. This board can be used as a standalone system or stacked with other mbugs to create multifunctional systems.

image description

Part of mbug™ ecosystem

  • Smaller than a quarter, at approximately 0.9" x 0.9"
  • Can be used as a standalone microcontroller or with other mbugs (sensors, displays, relay, servo, battery, etc.)
  • 12 different mbugs (2 processors, 9 expansion, 1 prototype)
  • stackable 100-mil pitch dual 8-pin connector
  • standardized pinout strategy to ensure interoperability
  • supports standard interfaces (USB, UART, SPI, I2C)

image description


by Jason

LilyPad for nano51822 are available on AMAZON now.

Dear All,

Are you looking for a RTOS and Tickless technology nRF51822 module ?

Now, We already sell the LilyPad for nano51822 on AMAZON.

image description

More information please see our web site.

Getting Started


by Nguyen Hoan Hoang

A low cost CMSIS-DAP jtag with ability for gang programming

IDAP-Link a low cost CMSIS-DAP jtag that can be used for gang programming with or without PC

image description

The IDAP-Link is a very low cost CMSIS-DAP JTAG debug probe with enhanced features. It can do more with it than just debugging. It will appears as a USB disk drive. This allows firmware flashing easily by copying the firmware file over without requiring any special flashing software and work instantly with any operating system. It provides a UART to USB bridge for communication between the target device and the PC. It also provides a regulated 3.3V to directly power the target...

by Jason

Make your own camera shutter

How to make a remote control to trigger your camera shutter of smart-phone.

You may just need a PCA10001, our LilyPad or any nRF51 board:

Web link to the article.

image description