Ability to reply missing

When a ticket has a sequence of answers many times when I view the ticket the buttons allowing one to reply are missing in the latter responses. I just discovered one work a round that has worked at least once; press the reply button on the original question or the first response (if it exists) and then the reply buttons appear at the bottom of all the responses. Now you can reply to the correct response.

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  • Doesnt always work. Someone offered a better solution for those on Windows, Go into the task bar, right click. click on 'taskbar settings', flip the hide task bar button to off, wait a second, and then back to on. All the button options will be visible. And this has ALWAYs worked for me. A pain in the butt but at least it works.

  • This must be something wrong with Nordic's setup: ARM use exactly the same forum platform, and theirs never has this problem.