Programming NRF51822


I just got my first non Arduino mcu, I bought the YJ-16009 and now I'm wondering how I could program it. I got myself a ST-LINK/V2 but since the pins (well, pads actually) on the board are placed in such bad places and I don't want to risk my board by soldering wires to it I thought that maybe I could use pogo pins, but aligning them and also getting the board pressed down was impossible for me.

I read from the datasheet that it's possible to do OTA DFU - do I understand correctly that I can program the board via bluetooth just as I could with a wired connection through the ST-Link? And also I have no idea how to actually perform the OTA DFU, which currently is the main problem.

Also for writing the programs is Segger needed or could I use Geany aswell?