Can you read iBeacon data via Web Bluetooth API?


I found a small nRF52 series based BLE beacon on Alibaba. It comes configured as an iBeacon. I would like to read the advertised data via Web Bluetooth API (supported on Chrome browser), so was expecting Service/Characteristic pairs with read/notify setting to read the data, but it seems iBeacon uses some other way to communicate. Is there a way to read iBeacon data via Web Bluetooth API? If not what are my options, the hardware profile is perfect for the project, it has the accelerometer sensor we are interested in, and we would rather take an off the shelf hardware, than design one ourselves at this stage of our startup. How difficult would it be to change the firmware/software on the hardware, to just use default BLE service/characteristic instead of iBeacon protocol to advertise data?

Any advice would be much appreciated?