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Dear developer;
welcome to our developer community and this forum.

All registered members of the DevZone are welcome to start discussions in these forums.
And opinion is not moderated, provided everybody follow these simple rules:

  1. Be civilized
    1. No offensive, vulgar, obscene, threatening, abusive, racist, homophobic, gender-biased or otherwise 'hateful' material.
    2. Keep politics and profanity at a minimum.
    3. Beware of Poe's law and try to failsafe any joke you make that may seem to be on someone else's behalf (winking smileys almost always work)

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  4. Respect other users' privacy and personal detail
    1. Be careful to not expose the email, full name, company or other personal detail of anyone else in this community
    2. Even if you know them, they may not want everybody else to know who they are or who they work for

  5. Moderators have final say.

You are responsible for everything you write. This includes anything written by someone logged in as you.
Any material failing to follow these rules may be moderated. and we reserve the right to delete such content and in some cases also the user account posting it.

Also note the general Terms of Service of the DevZone - they also apply here, even if there's no tech support here.

We hope the initial choice of topics are a good fit with what you guys want to talk about.
Topics may emerge that eventually would deserve their own discussion forums - we'll try to keep track of that.

The DevZone team

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