Experiences with nRF5240 Zigbee integration in Smart-Home


for my Zigbee project I spent a lot of time in this forum and I want to give back some of my experiences with using Zigbee of nRF52840 to connect  it als light bulb to existing Zigbee bridges and in parallel having a BLE-Connecting to mobile phones (using S140). Starting point was the ble_zigbee_dynamic_template from the SDK and the various posts in this forum.

Connection to other nRF modules:

Works flawless using the examples from the SDK

Amazon Echo Plus:

Works flawless, see the other posts regarding connection in this forum.

Philips Hue:

I could not succeed in connecting it to the Hue bridge, though several posts here claims it works. After debugging the communication between nRF and the Hue Brigge I came to the conclusion that the Hue bridge filters out unknown devices on a very early stage of communication even using the "non-public" keys. I suppose the only way to connect would be to fully emulate one of the officially allowed devices and I didn't want to go that far.

IKEA Tadfri:

The remote control or switches which are needed to connect any light bulb to the bridge use RFID connections or similar to pair. As my project does not use RFID, I could not succeed here as well.

I will post further tests with other bridges as soon as I have results. In general I realised that Zigbee, though officially is an open protocol, most systems are less open to connect to third party components as it looks from reading the specs.

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