Timer Shortcuts vs. RTC with PPI

Let's say I have this code:

NRF_TIMER_Type *some_timer = ...;


If I understand correctly, the code above sets up the timer to automatically clear on the EVENTS_COMPARE[0] event. RTCs don't have a SHORTS register though, so I need to use PPI:

NRF_RTC_Type *some_rtc = ...;

NRF_PPI->CH[chn].EEP = (uint32_t) &some_rtc->EVENTS_COMPARE[0];
NRF_PPI->CH[chn].TEP = (uint32_t) &some_rtc->TASKS_CLEAR;
NRF_PPI->FORK[chn].TEP = 0;
NRF_PPI->CHENSET = (1 << chn);

Does this code produce the same behavior for an RTC as I would see using a TIMER shortcut?