nRF52840 DK Development kit :- USB HID Connector

This week we plan to purchase a number of nRF52840 DK development kits. The plan is to use pairs of boards for assessment purposes.

The idea is one board will act as a USB dongle, which will receive wireless data from a second device (another Nordic nRF5280) and send the received USB HID data to a computer.

The board has a USB connector which connects directly to the nRF device, so I assume this board can be used as a USB HID dongle.

The Nordic SDK has USB HID Composite, Generic sample code, so I am hoping my assumption is true.

Just to confirm my question:-

Using nRF USB connector on the development board, is it possible for it to act as a USB HID device, for sending mouse, keyboard reports etc... to a PC? 

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