Switch from Google Beacon Platform to BLEAM, all time background work

Bleam scanner is an inverted Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon communication protocol. In the inverted communication scheme beacon serves as a scanner, taking this role from a phone that in its turn is responsible for advertising. The main benefit of such a design approach is its ability to function extensively in the background, monitoring RSSI levels. See: https://github.com/Connax-Oy/Bleam-Scanner-2

  • Nice idea - but the "Unsolved problem" seems to be a showstopper:

  • It's not really a showstopper, but a point to consider. Currently we've been using this system on one of the gas stations and it seems that with ECO mode beacons can survive more than a year. Let's see, maybe in a new version of the protocol it will be solved even further. I hope guys can comment more on that. 

  • Yes, this problem is not a showstopper. The main thing we encountered was a faster discharge of beacons in the outdoor at a temperature of -30. There are several solution options here: as even greater code optimization and/or the use of more outdoor protected beacons

  • Hello! Perhaps the section naming is overdramatised. The problem of power consumption is an ongoing problem for all battery-powered active beacons. If one was to put this project to test in an environment of a crazy throughput, say a mall on Black Friday, or a busy highway, they would really need to consider additional power saving options, and this section meant to encourage developers to come up with solutions. A regular everyday setting would not warrant immediate power saving measures, although any kind of power saving is always useful.

    I will reiterate this in the project description. Thanks for the feedback!

  • beacons can survive more than a year

    On what battery?

    How does that compare to "conventional" beacons?


    eg, this one claims 1 year - and also does temperature logging: