NRF51822 peripheral UART example. SDK 12.1

Hi! I just want  to up uart example with BLE on softdev 130 using  sdk 12.1. On chip NRF51822.  I choose this example:  .../sdk_12_1\examples\peripheral\uart\pca10028\blank\arm5_no_packs.  (10028 use anothe chip 51422 but it close to 51822)

I change the target chip to nrf51822xxAA and adjust addreses ROM and RAM.  The project buit and uploaded without problems. 

In uart terminal i see  "UART Start!" many times. i suppouse that application can not initialize and reboot. Other examples 

built and work fine with this softdev and sdk (i try ble beacon and ble heart rate). Help please with advice - what did i do wrong?

More than week i try to run this example with no success-(.

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