nRF52833DK audio over BLE custom dev

Hi BLE Developers,

We are looking for sharp developers to create a firmware (FW) for transmitting audio and other analog signals over BLE using nRF52833 chipset.

The FW shall receive analog signals from 2 sources:
1. AFE signal 2-100Hz
2. Mic signal 6-1000Hz

The analog signal shall be digitized using nRF52833’s ADC and transmitted to a mobile app via a BLE protocol.

Each digital signal shall be transmitted using a logical BLE profile:
1. AFE digital signal via custom AFE BLE profile.
2. Mic digital signal via custom CHM BLE profile

AFE and CHM profiles could be turned on and off independently: e.g. both profiles are ON, only AFE is ON, only CHM is ON.

The FW shall operate in Realtime environment with efficient duty cycles minimizing power consumption on nRF52833.

Please respond with a link to your profile. Experience wrinting firmware for nRF52 is essential for this job.