Reliable and low-latency mesh networking prototype


Edit: We have decided to open source this project, and we hope that it may be useful to some of you. In particular, for those of you using custom protocols or that require low latency.

We're working on our own wireless mesh network implementation for research purposes, and we're seeing significantly lower latency and higher reliability than Bluetooth Mesh. We're using the BLE 2M PHY on the nrf5340.

We're considering making the project open source, and we want to gauge interest in the community.

This plot shows the CCDF of the latency associated with sending a 1-byte packet between two nodes, i.e., the value on the y-axis is the probability of the latency exceeding the corresponding value on the x-axis. We measure latency over a wired coaxial connection. For Bluetooth Mesh, we see a ~3% probability of packet loss on the first transmission, which causes the jump in latency to over 20ms (the default packet retransmission timeout). For our mesh node, we did not see any packet loss during a test with 10 000 packets sent.

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