[nRF9160] Share another LTE Link monitor program

We are developing a generic nRF9160 LTE-M modem.

LTE link monitor tool in nRF connect is excellent but I found need more customization to fit our needs.

So I share the Windows monitor tool and hope this helps you.

Download this with this URL (https://www.mobilian.biz/api/attach/read.json?id=LTE-Monitor_v0.1.zip)

*** Feature

   - Scan serial ports and automatically connect to nRF9160 and get the basic properties

   - AT-Command Input textbox with history (Hard to remember at-command ^^;)

   - Save history to file and re-play (Sample TCP / HTTP is included under script folder)

LTE-Monitor image


*** GPL License

Used FastColoredTextBox (https://github.com/PavelTorgashov/FastColoredTextBox)