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'Introduction to the S110 SoftDevice'

Introduction to the S110 SoftDevice on nRF51822. More...

The S110 SoftDevice is precompiled, linked binary software implementing Bluetooth® 4.0 low energy (BLE) technology. Integration with proprietary chip-vendor software is not necessary because the S110 SoftDevice enables you to develop code as a standard ARM® Cortex-M0 project, instead of within the code's framework. Offered as a standard C language interface, the Application Programming Interface (API) gives the application complete compiler and linker independence from the SoftDevice implementation.

The S110 SoftDevice implements Bluetooth 4.0 low energy (BLE) technology and is precompiled, linked binary software.

System on Chip application with the SoftDevice

The Bluetooth 4.0 compliant Host and Controller, with multi-role support (peripheral and broadcaster) are embedded in the S110 SoftDevice and are fully qualified by Bluetooth. The API is defined above the Generic Attribute Protocol (GATT), Generic Access Profile (GAP), and Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP). Approved Bluetooth low energy and proprietary GATT profile implementations are supported by the S110 SoftDevice.

Bluetooth low energy stack architecture

The protocol stack in the S110 SoftDevice has been designed to provide an abstract, but flexible, interface for application development for Bluetooth® Smart devices. The following modules are implemented in the SoftDevice and managed through the API:

In addition the SoftDevice API includes the following modules for genera handling of the SoftDevice:

For more information about the S110 SoftDevice, refer to the S110 nRF51822 SoftDevice Specification. For more information about Bluetooth Low Energy, you can refer to http://developer.bluetooth.org/ or www.bluetooth.org.