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ble_advdata_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

ble_advdata_name_type_t name_type
uint8_t short_name_len
bool include_appearance
uint8_array_t flags
int8_t * p_tx_power_level
ble_advdata_uuid_list_t uuids_more_available
ble_advdata_uuid_list_t uuids_complete
ble_advdata_uuid_list_t uuids_solicited
uint8_t service_data_count

Field Documentation

Type of device name.

uint8_t short_name_len

Length of short device name (if short type is specified).

bool include_appearance

Determines if Appearance shall be included.

Advertising data Flags field.

int8_t* p_tx_power_level

TX Power Level field.

ble_advdata_uuid_list_t uuids_more_available

List of UUIDs in the 'More Available' list.

ble_advdata_uuid_list_t uuids_complete

List of UUIDs in the 'Complete' list.

ble_advdata_uuid_list_t uuids_solicited

List of solcited UUIDs.

ble_advdata_conn_int_t* p_slave_conn_int

Slave Connection Interval Range.

ble_advdata_manuf_data_t* p_manuf_specific_data

Manufacturer specific data.

ble_advdata_service_data_t* p_service_data_array

Array of Service data structures.

uint8_t service_data_count

Number of Service data structures.