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Max packet size when using bonding

I've been trying to implement bonding and encryption into the ble_app_uart example, and realized that the issues I've been running into were caused by the following configuration.


Once I changed the values to match the ble_app_gls example, I was able to see successful bonding performed.


These are the security parameters I'm using:

#define SEC_PARAM_BOND                  1                               /**< Perform bonding. */
#define SEC_PARAM_MITM                  1                               /**< Man In The Middle protection required (applicable when display module is detected). */
#define SEC_PARAM_LESC                  1                               /**< LE Secure Connections enabled. */
#define SEC_PARAM_KEYPRESS              0                               /**< Keypress notifications not enabled. */
#define SEC_PARAM_IO_CAPABILITIES       BLE_GAP_IO_CAPS_DISPLAY_ONLY    /**< Display I/O capabilities. */
#define SEC_PARAM_OOB                   0                               /**< Out Of Band data not available. */
#define SEC_PARAM_MIN_KEY_SIZE          7                               /**< Minimum encryption key size. */
#define SEC_PARAM_MAX_KEY_SIZE          16                              /**< Maximum encryption key size. */

The above thread is what made me try changing the values, but I would like to get a response from Nordic on the matter. Are the lower values required when bonding + encryption is implemented? 

I'm working around this limitation by sending data in 20B chunks, but I wouldn't mind going back to the larger size if possible. I'm anticipating that is a consequence of the secure connection, but just wanted to be sure.