Why does advertising stop when a device connects successfully?


I am comparing an old implemtation based on Zephyr 2.7.1 for nRF52832 with examples for nRF5340. On both devices there are more than 1 connection allowed.

On the older Zephyr 2.7.1 based implentation I see the device is advertising even when someone connects to the device. I use two phones with nRF connect App. One is for showing the RSSI graph and the other one connects to the BLE device. When the one phone connects to the device, I see RSSI updates on the other phone.

I am trying different samples for the nRF5340 DK board. For example multiple_adv_set sample. There is 'Nordic Beacon' (non-connectable) and 'Nordic multi-adv-sets' (connectable) advertised. When the one phone connects to the 'Nordic multi adv sets', the other phone stops updating RSSI values - as long as the connections stays active. When I disconnect, the RSSI values show up again. So I asssume that advertising is stopped while a device is connected - but I do not know why. And why does it work on older Zephyr 2.7.1 implementation. Can someone help me on this?