Request for simple nRF54H footprint


The announced nRF54H is a very capable SoC which might be a good upgrade for some of our existing products. However, it seems that it will only be available in BGA packages which require HDI technology such as micro vias. This is a problem because it will increase the manufacturing cost of the PCB and conflict with some of our designs which use Rogers material that depend on a certain stackup and technology. We already faced the same problem with the nRF52 and nRF53 which use double row QFN packages.


  • Provide the nRF54 in a "simple" QFN footprint that does not require microvias for fan-out
  • If you decide to use a double row QFN footprint similar to the nRF52 and nRF53, consider to reduce the size of the central pad and increase the pitch to 0.5mm or more. This will allow pads with 0.4mm diameter and 0.1mm via-in-pad which can be fabricated with normal PCB processes.

I understand, that many customers want the SoC to be very small, but it introduces some issues which increase the overall cost of the end product. For cost-sensitive applications a larger, but easier to use footprint would be beneficial in many situations.

Thanks & best regards