NPM1300 high current draw


I'm having an issue with my NPM1300. drawing high current. I've had 50 of these boards fabricated and the majority are fine, but with the same hw configuration, same fw i sometimes see high current draws of varying between 1 and 7mA.

I've narrowed it down to the NPM1300 in the following manner:

- First, i place the PPK2 in series with my battery and measure current during my BLE advertising state and get 1-7mA dependent on the board. On a good board i get 20uA.

- I then, one by one isolate VOUT1 and VOUT2 of the NPM1300 and place the ppk2 in series with all downstream circuitry. I see in the case of VOUT1 i get nanoamps which is expected, and in the case of VOUT2 i see 20uA which is expected because this is powering an NRF52840 which is advertising. 

I've included some screenshots from power profiler. the first shows a good board measured on the battery, the next two are examples of bad boards and the next two are isolating the vout1 and vout2 on a bad board.

Firstly, Do you agree in that case that it is likely the npm1300 is the cause?

and secondly do you have any ideas what might be causing such a high current draw?

I've included a snip of my schematics for the power supply, along with the layout.

below are the specs for the components in this part of the circuit:

1uF ±10% 10V X5R 0603
10uF ±10% 10V XS6 0603
L1 = Samsung CIGT201610EH2R2MNE