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Fast advertising and slow advertising

Hi Im developing a filter - repeater signal on S130, and I want to advertise with a peridod of 20 ms for 10 seconds timeout. I'm confused with FAST ADVERTISING AND SLOW ADVERTISING, I don't know what to use and why. What is the recommended option for my purpose? I want that my device was unconnectable, but I have seen that the min time interval for unconnectable device is 100ms. What is the minimun interval for BLE_GAP_ADV_TYPE_ADV_SCAN_IND?

I have two structures: ble_gap_adv_params_t and ble_adv_modes_config_t, both has field for advertising interval and timeout. What has priority?

uint32_t      err_code;
ble_advdata_t advdata;

advdata.name_type               = BLE_ADVDATA_FULL_NAME;
advdata.include_appearance      = true;
advdata.flags                   = BLE_GAP_ADV_FLAGS_LE_ONLY_GENERAL_DISC_MODE;

ble_adv_modes_config_t options = {0};
options.ble_adv_fast_enabled  = BLE_ADV_FAST_ENABLED;
options.ble_adv_fast_interval = APP_ADV_INTERVAL;
options.ble_adv_fast_timeout  = APP_ADV_TIMEOUT_IN_SECONDS;

err_code = ble_advertising_init(&advdata, NULL, &options, on_adv_evt, NULL);

memset(&m_adv_params, 0, sizeof(m_adv_params));

m_adv_params.type				= BLE_GAP_ADV_TYPE_ADV_SCAN_IND;			
m_adv_params.fp				= BLE_GAP_ADV_FP_ANY;						
m_adv_params.p_whitelist		= NULL;
m_adv_params.interval           = BLE_GAP_ADV_INTERVAL;
m_adv_params.timeout            = BLE_GAP_ADV_TIMEOUT;

err_code = sd_ble_gap_adv_start(&m_adv_params);

Thank you