About sleep mode


I'm confused with the functions (sd_power_mode_set and sd_app_event_wait). 1.I think there are described with the same function.I can't tell the difference between this two.And I can't find the function that is used to wake up the chip. 2.Can someone tell me where I can find the define of the Constant Latency and Low Power.

Thank you.

  • Hi Stefan,

    I have a couple follow up questions regarding the connection event that you mentioned. The API documentation is very sparse in this area.

    Is the "connection event" any BLE connection to a remote device, or just a connection interval? In other words, will the CPU sleep in-between connection intervals while connected? Will it sleep while advertising? I'm just wondering if there are any states where sd_app_event_wait will not enter sleep.

    thanks, Paul

  • Hi Paul

    During connection event, the radio is active. Between connection event, the CPU will sleep. The same applies for advertising events, the device will sleep when it is not transmitting advertising packets. While the device is in a connection with a peer device, there will be number of connection events. There is one connection event in each connection interval. Connection interval can be minimum 7.5ms and maximum 4000ms. You can realize and visualize what a connection events and advertising events are made of by looking at figures 9 and 10 in the S110 Softdevice Specification v1.2 respectively.

  • Hi Mahone

    Sorry for the late response.

    I was somehow assuming that you were using BLE but clearly you are using ANT. Yes the procedure/code you describe is valid to get ANT RSSI value. What you get is unsigned integer so you must use twos compliment conversion to find the actual decimal RSSI value in dBm, a good converter to do that is e.g. here: http://www.exploringbinary.com/twos-complement-converter/

    So if you are receiving value 200 = 0xC8 = 11001000 it is -56dBm