Iphone 8 & Iphone 10 not connecting to nrf51422(using BLE) having sdk 9.0 & soft devive s310

Dear Sir,

                 I am now using nrf51422 module (SRU532) for ANT+BLE application , i have used SDK_9.0.0_2e23562 and soft device s310_nrf51422_3.0.0. The problem i am facing is that the module is not connecting to the Iphone 8 ,Iphone 10 while using the BLE protocol. Plz suggest how to make iphone working with BLE ? Do i need to change the software what i am currently using for nrf51422 ( C:\Keil_v5\ARM\Device\Nordic\examples\multiprotocolnew\ble_ant_app_hrm\pca10028\s310\arm5_no_packs). Plz replay asp.

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  • Hello sumanta,


    Could you please specify what you mean with "is not connecting"?

    Does the device advertise? Can you see it from your phone? 

    Is it only iPhone 8 and X that can't connect? Can you connect with other phones? Have you tried Android?


    Does the application run? Have you tried debugging? Can you run any of the examples from the SDK\examples\peripheral\<something>\blank\pca10028?

    e.g. the blinky example in:

    SDK\examples\peripheral\blinky\pca10028\blank, and see some of the pins toggle? pins p0.21-p0.24 should toggle.


    Do you have a LFXTAL with your SRU532 module, or have you enabled the RC oscillator?


    If it does advertise, but you can't connect, do you get the Connected event? Do you get the disconnected event? Can you check the reason field for the disconnect event?


    Can you provide a sniffer trace? A trace from nRF Sniffer would be sufficient and very helpful.


    Best regards,


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