nRF52 RTC2 stops generate CC interrupts periodically

Hi, i'm trying to fix strange issue in my code.

Setup is:

Nrf52832 based custom board with s132 enabled and running, gpiote, spi. Also I have app_timer enabled.sdk15. I have sensor connected over spi with interupt line connected to nordic gpio. 

When rtc2 cc interrupt happens in interrupt handler I request SWI interrupt. In swi interrupt handler I setup sensor over spi and wait for gpiote interrupt. When interrupt happens I request swi interrupt and readout sensor over spi. I use swi to get code running with higher priority than in main loop.

The problem is in rtc2 interrupt. Sometimes it stuck for exactly 0xffffff (24bits) clock cycles and than returns to normal operation. With debugging i've got that rtc2 counter keep counting but cc interrupts seemd to be masked. This behaviour catched frequently when more gpiote interrupts received. During rtc2 hang period app timer on rtc1 works as expected (send logs periodically). 

In what direction should I digg ti figure out the root cause?any known errata?