Why my iPhone 8 can't find nRF52840 DK PCA10056 1.1.0?

I just got my nRF52840 development kit. I went through step 1 to 6.5 of the "Connect and test the nRF52840 DK" page since I couldn't find a way to turn on NFC enabled, neither can I click any URLs (there's none). Instead, I went straight to downloading the nRF Connect app, but the scanner found no device with Nordic naming.

The JLINK drive appeared on my pc showed four files three htmls and one readme.txt

Can anyone help me with the setup?


  • Just want to update, I plugged the kit into my pc and downloaded nRF Connect, I was able to start the advertising and my iPhone connected to it.

    1) As being totally new to this kit as well as BLE development, does this mean my phone was connected to the BLE? 

    2) During the desktop setup there was some sort of update, and now my nRF kit don't flash LEDs (1 to 4) any more, and the kit won't turn on under battery only either. What happened? (My second kit still turned with battery only and flashes, but no connection) 

    3) I tried nRF5 SDK for HomeKit and NFC demo, but my phone couldn't detect any tag, there's not much information how to get  "built-in NFC tag on the nRF52832 SoC and the nRF5 SDK for HomeKit and an iPhone with iOS v11" all to work together. 

    4) My main purpose is to test connection range when paired with BLE5 (iphone 8) and BLE 4(iphone 6) devices, as well as mesh capability (2 kits and my iphones). How to do that?

    5) This is connected to Question 4, it appears to me there's no demo code inside kit. So I downloaded some demo code. Is there a tutorial how to flash them? and in Ubuntu?


  • Hi,

    A new kit should come with a demo firmware, if not you can click here to download version 1.1.0 firmware and program the firmware into your DK. Then start over with the getting started guide.

    1) What do you mean by "connected to the BLE"? Your phone is connected to the DK via BLE if that is what you mean.

    2) What kind of update? Like I mentioned above you can re-program the DK if you want to test out the demo.

    3) How did you test this? The Homekit SDK are only for MFi licensees, so you need a MFi license to get access to our Homekit SDK.

    4) I suggest you to look at our nRF5 SDK and Mesh SDK for examples.

    5) I would recommend you to use Segger Embedded Studio with our examples. SES is the recommended platform. It is free for use with nRF devices. You can also use the Programmer app in nRF Connect for Desktop to flash your hex files.

    Will also mention that you need to download an app if you want to use the the NFC on the iPhone.