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stuck in wait_for_flash_ready()

I'm working on a NRF52832 project with SDK V15.2, using S132 Softdevice. before connecting, nrf_fstorage_write/nrf_fstorage_erase/sd_flash_write/sd_flash_page_erase all are work perfectly. But once connected with a device, all the operations to flash can't work. it'll stuck in wait_for_flash_ready, return of nrf_fstorage_write & nrf_fstorage_erase  are NRF_SUCCESS.  If I call nrf_sdh_disable_request() before  nrf_fstorage_write & nrf_fstorage_erase, the operations can be done correctly.  Never goes into fstorage_evt_handler() after connected to a device.

Please help me figure out this issue, thanks in advanced.