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Mesh Serial example don't store sequence number

In the mesh serial example, I found that the sequence number isn't stored into persistent flash. If that is the case, if the board is power cycled, no one can communicate with it. Why it is implemented this way?

  • Hello,

    I am facing quite the same Issue. I am working with persistent storage = 0 for specific reason.
    I don't want to user persistent storage = 1.
    I am using the serial like in the PyACI example. So serial communicate with other mesh modules.
    The issue is when serial is reset (restart) the sequence number is 0. So msg to other modules are rejected (who have a bigger seq number ...).
    Is there a way to store seq number with persistent storage = 0 ?
    Or can we set the seq number of serial on startup ?

    I already check many posts, didn't find an answer with persistent storage = 0.

    Hope someone can help !?

    Kind regards