Disconnect after a while using nRF52840/SDK v15.2.0/S140 v6.1.1 and Nokia 5 phone


I am using nRF52840 with the compontents described in the title.

I have secure connection with JUST_WORKS pairing. The connection succeeds, and bonding also works. With most phones we've tried all works well and the connection remains active for as long as is desired. Earlier we had a problem with some devices disconnecting randomly with the reason BLE_HCI_STATUS_CODE_LMP_RESPONSE_TIMEOUT, but updating softdevice from 6.1.0 to 6.1.1 seemed to fix that.

Now the connection works with most phones, but with Nokia 5 manufactured by HMD Global the mobile phone disconnects after appr. 60 seconds with the reason BLE_HCI_DIFFERENT_TRANSACTION_COLLISION. This happens regardless of the software used to initiate the connection.

Do you have any insight on how this could be fixed?