Transfer Speeds at 100m with 15 devices


I am having trouble validating this idea through research. I was hoping someone could give me some ballpark feedback.

The setup:

- 15 NRF52832 devices on custom PCB (30mmx50mm)

- All around 100m away outside with little to no obstacles in the way

- I need to stream data from each device. This means that the Bluetooth transfer speed needs to be faster than the combined data collection speed.

- Each device collects at 24kbps. So there is a combined 360kbps of data. 

I imagine that I need to connect to each device individually and receive data. Then cycle through to the next device. 

The connection parameters would be:

- BLE 5.0

- PHY: 2M

- TX power: 4dB

- connection interval 7.5ms

- data packet length extension on

- connection event length extension on

I can calculate theoretical transfer speeds using the nordic online power profiler. However, it's hard to get data at long distances. Also, I am not sure if I can cycle through the 15 devices fast enough?

Can I achieve this transfer rate (360kbps) at 100m? If not, what distance should be OK?