NRF52832 adafruit feather - flash error (ESB low-power example)

I 've got such problem with flashing some of the ESB protocol examples of NRF5 SDK.
I use Adafruit Feather NRF52832 board with ST-LINK V2 debugger.
I work in Keil 5 IDE.

When Ii try to load some of BLE examples (Periph Blinky, etc.), everything is ok. First I flash the Sortdevice and than directly an example.
App works no problem.

But when I try to flash ESB examples (like ESB low power prx) I've got such error.

I use default flash algorithm in debug settings.
But once when I change smth I got it flashing, but than I again try to flash SoftDevice and BLE and after that again can't flash ESB...

Any ideas what am I doing wrong?

All my best.