How to play PWM sequence of the variable frequency and constant duty cycle

Hello, guys!

Here are the details about my development environment:

SDK = 15.3.0


SoC = nRF52840-based BL654 module.

In my design, I need to drive a buzzer with the PWM signal. I've seen many PWM examples that deal with the complex playing sequences. What I need, however, is to play PWM that has constant duty cycle but variable frequency. Moreover, I would like, if possible, to change PWM frequency automatically, without CPU intervention (i.e. without event handlers).

Is there any way I can do this? By looking at this thread, I've learned that PWM hardware is intended for use cases where the duty cycle is changing and if I want to change the PWM frequency, I need to uninit and re-init the PWM hardware. This uninit - reinit process is quite fast to be perceived by a human ear. Withing the same thread they suggest a possibility to use a timer and GPIO with PPI for implementing the signal with variable frequency.

What is your opinion, guys, is there any way I could change PWM frequency parameter automatically, on-the-fly, without any CPU intervention (in DMA mode)?

Thanks in advance for your time and effort.