nRF9160 won't connect - cloud_connect_failed: -111

I got out my nRF9160 DK to help a customer troubleshoot an issue and for some reason, I'm getting an error "cloud_connect_failed: -111" I never had this error before. I plugged the SIM into my stock Thingy:91 and it connects up and works. I see the data in the nrfcloud. I'm running modem firmware 1.01 with the iBasis SIM card.

Here's what I'm getting from a terminal:

***** Booting Zephyr OS build v1.14.99-ncs3-snapshot2-1265-g736c7dd7525b *****
Flash region            Domain          Permissions
00 0x00000 0x08000      Secure          rwxl
01 0x08000 0x10000      Non-Secure      rwxl
02 0x10000 0x18000      Non-Secure      rwxl
03 0x18000 0x20000      Non-Secure      rwxl
04 0x20000 0x28000      Non-Secure      rwxl
05 0x28000 0x30000      Non-Secure      rwxl
06 0x30000 0x38000      Non-Secure      rwxl
07 0x38000 0x40000      Non-Secure      rwxl
08 0x40000 0x48000      Non-Secure      rwxl
09 0x48000 0x50000      Non-Secure      rwxl
10 0x50000 0x58000      Non-Secure      rwxl
11 0x58000 0x60000      Non-Secure      rwxl
12 0x60000 0x68000      Non-Secure      rwxl
13 0x68000 0x70000      Non-Secure      rwxl
14 0x70000 0x78000      Non-Secure      rwxl
15 0x78000 0x80000      Non-Secure      rwxl
16 0x80000 0x88000      Non-Secure      rwxl
17 0x88000 0x90000      Non-Secure      rwxl
18 0x90000 0x98000      Non-Secure      rwxl
19 0x98000 0xa0000      Non-Secure      rwxl
20 0xa0000 0xa8000      Non-Secure      rwxl
21 0xa8000 0xb0000      Non-Secure      rwxl
22 0xb0000 0xb8000      Non-Secure      rwxl
23 0xb8000 0xc0000      Non-Secure      rwxl
24 0xc0000 0xc8000      Non-Secure      rwxl
25 0xc8000 0xd0000      Non-Secure      rwxl
26 0xd0000 0xd8000      Non-Secure      rwxl
27 0xd8000 0xe0000      Non-Secure      rwxl
28 0xe0000 0xe8000      Non-Secure      rwxl
29 0xe8000 0xf0000      Non-Secure      rwxl
30 0xf0000 0xf8000      Non-Secure      rwxl
31 0xf8000 0x100000     Non-Secure      rwxl
Non-secure callable region 0 placed in flash region 0 with size 32.

SRAM region             Domain          Permissions
00 0x00000 0x02000      Secure          rwxl
01 0x02000 0x04000      Secure          rwxl
02 0x04000 0x06000      Secure          rwxl
03 0x06000 0x08000      Secure          rwxl
04 0x08000 0x0a000      Secure          rwxl
05 0x0a000 0x0c000      Secure          rwxl
06 0x0c000 0x0e000      Secure          rwxl
07 0x0e000 0x10000      Secure          rwxl
08 0x10000 0x12000      Non-Secure      rwxl
09 0x12000 0x14000      Non-Secure      rwxl
10 0x14000 0x16000      Non-Secure      rwxl
11 0x16000 0x18000      Non-Secure      rwxl
12 0x18000 0x1a000      Non-Secure      rwxl
13 0x1a000 0x1c000      Non-Secure      rwxl
14 0x1c000 0x1e000      Non-Secure      rwxl
15 0x1e000 0x20000      Non-Secure      rwxl
16 0x20000 0x22000      Non-Secure      rwxl
17 0x22000 0x24000      Non-Secure      rwxl
18 0x24000 0x26000      Non-Secure      rwxl
19 0x26000 0x28000      Non-Secure      rwxl
20 0x28000 0x2a000      Non-Secure      rwxl
21 0x2a000 0x2c000      Non-Secure      rwxl
22 0x2c000 0x2e000      Non-Secure      rwxl
23 0x2e000 0x30000      Non-Secure      rwxl
24 0x30000 0x32000      Non-Secure      rwxl
25 0x32000 0x34000      Non-Secure      rwxl
26 0x34000 0x36000      Non-Secure      rwxl
27 0x36000 0x38000      Non-Secure      rwxl
28 0x38000 0x3a000      Non-Secure      rwxl
29 0x3a000 0x3c000      Non-Secure      rwxl
30 0x3c000 0x3e000      Non-Secure      rwxl
31 0x3e000 0x40000      Non-Secure      rwxl

Peripheral              Domain          Status
00 NRF_P0               Non-Secure      OK
01 NRF_CLOCK            Non-Secure      OK
02 NRF_RTC1             Non-Secure      OK
03 NRF_NVMC             Non-Secure      OK
04 NRF_UARTE1           Non-Secure      OK
05 NRF_UARTE2           Secure          SKIP
06 NRF_TWIM2            Non-Secure      OK
07 NRF_SPIM3            Non-Secure      OK
08 NRF_TIMER0           Non-Secure      OK
09 NRF_TIMER1           Non-Secure      OK
10 NRF_TIMER2           Non-Secure      OK
11 NRF_SAADC            Non-Secure      OK
12 NRF_PWM0             Non-Secure      OK
13 NRF_PWM1             Non-Secure      OK
14 NRF_PWM2             Non-Secure      OK
15 NRF_PWM3             Non-Secure      OK
16 NRF_IPC              Non-Secure      OK
17 NRF_VMC              Non-Secure      OK
18 NRF_FPU              Non-Secure      OK
19 NRF_EGU1             Non-Secure      OK
20 NRF_EGU2             Non-Secure      OK
21 NRF_GPIOTE1          Non-Secure      OK

SPM: NS image at 0xc000
SPM: NS MSP at 0x2002c4d0
SPM: NS reset vector at 0x14365
SPM: prepare to jump to Non-Secure image.
***** Booting Zephyr OS build v1.14.99-ncs3-snapshot2-1265-g736c7dd7525b *****
[00:00:00.245,269] <dbg> nrf9160_gps.init: MAGPIO set: AT%XMAGPIO=1,0,0,1,1,1574                                                                                                              ,1577
Asset tracker started
[00:00:00.256,164] <dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_client_id_get: client_id = nrf-                                                                                                              352656100160558
[00:00:00.265,289] <dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_topics_populate: shadow_base_to                                                                                                              pic: $aws/things/nrf-352656100160558/shadow
[00:00:00.276,794] <dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_topics_populate: accepted_topic                                                                                                              : $aws/things/nrf-352656100160558/shadow/get/accepted
[00:00:00.289,154] <dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_topics_populate: rejected_topic                                                                                                              : $aws/things/nrf-352656100160558/shadow/get/rejected
[00:00:00.301,544] <dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_topics_populate: update_delta_t                                                                                                              opic: $aws/things/nrf-352656100160558/shadow/update/delta
[00:00:00.314,239] <dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_topics_populate: update_topic:                                                                                                               $aws/things/nrf-352656100160558/shadow/update
[00:00:00.325,927] <dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_topics_populate: shadow_get_top                                                                                                              ic: $aws/things/nrf-352656100160558/shadow/get
Connecting to LTE network. This may take several minutes.
[00:00:02.801,818] <dbg> lte_lc.at_handler: recv: +CEREG: 2,"4119","03349510",7

[00:00:03.905,883] <dbg> lte_lc.at_handler: recv: +CEREG: 5,"4119","03349510",7

Connected to LTE network
[00:00:04.236,022] <dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_connect: IPv4 Address 0xe0e3483                                                                                                              4
cloud_connect failed: -111
LTE link disconnect
Shutdown modem

  • So, I tried the at_client example and it was able to connect. I did this in the master branch of ncs. I'm afraid to touch anything for fear that it will stop working. Any reason why the asset tracker wouldn't work but the at_client would?

  • Hello, Matt!

    First: make sure your SIM card is registered on nRF Cloud. 

    Then: When did you last use the DK?

    It may be that it's certificates are corrupted. You can check this with Hellesvik's instructions here. If they indeed are missing follow 's instructions further down. The last will only work if your DK is still registered on the nRF Cloud, if that's not the case you must contact a Nordic employee about the certificates. 

    The newest modem update should fix the issues with corrupting certificates on the DK, so make sure you apply the update!

    Furthermore, the at_client "works" as long as it can connect to the cellular network. It doesn't connect to nRF Cloud at all. The "cloud_connect_failed: -111" error relates to the cloud connection.

    Edit: apparently Didrik's method is maybe deprecated, but try it out. Ref this comment.